Have you ever wondered what it was like to be a pilot? Or a nurse? Or a professional in any other career you’ve fantasized about? You scour the internet for information, only to find the same clinical data: What the pay range is (wow, it’s really that wide). How much demand there is in that field. What degree you need. Then you lose motivation or you decide to pursue it – only to find out that it requires 12 hour days and now you’re miserable. Wouldn’t it have been beneficial to know these things before you spent all that energy getting yourself into that miserable job?

No career is for everyone. And that’s OK. The world takes all kinds. This podcast is designed to get in depth with successful people in different careers to help you find the direction to start looking for what will fit you.

We’ll dive into questions like: what was the worst day of their career and why? What about the best? What entry level job did they begin with that prepared them to move up? Where is a good place to start if someone is interested in this career? What personality type would enjoy this? All for the sake of exploring a jobs reality.

I’ll be interviewing all types, so if there is a job that you’re desperate to learn more about, you can email me at:  samantha@twentyeightandsearching.com with any of your ideas.

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