Becoming the Female Gary Vee

The more I get involved in my podcast, the more I’m getting ask about my future plans. People want to know where I’m going with this.

Is it a good idea? Yes.

I ask people to talk about something they love, their careers, so that others can find something they’re passionate about that they can also make money from.

This generally leads people to wonder, what’s in it for me?

At first I tried to explain my vision. I wanted to speak in front of people. I wanted to share what I’d learned. I wanted to reach out to younger people and teach them all that I knew about finding a perfect career.

When that left head scratchers and frankly me running on words, I started just calling it career coaching.

But that title was wrong. It didn’t encompass what I really wanted to accomplish. What I really wanted to do.

Now, I simply tell people I want to become the female Gary Vee.

For anyone who knows the social mogul, they nod their head and dismiss the dream. No one can become Gary Vaynerchuk. That’s a pipe dream. A fluke. I’m sure they still believe my cause is good, but their mind still turns a blind eye to someone they know, especially me, gaining that kind of success.

I know, it’s a reach.

I don’t really want to by Gary Vaynerchuk, I just want to be at his level of content and reach when it comes to career counseling. I want to be speaking publicly most of the time. I want to know my shit and put it together in a way that reaches others. I want to focus and hustle and succeed to my standards.

It’s a long way to go.

Thankfully, I’ve got time and determination and ability.

And for those who don’t know Gary Vaynerchuk, I simply tell them to look him up. Listen to a speech he’s done and they’ll get it.

Big dreams, big goals. What’s the worst that can happen?

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