The Effects of People

I’ve noticed something. Since I started really putting together this podcast, which was only a month ago, my passion for it has only amplified. Every time I do an interview, I’m excited to talk about it. I wanted to do another one. I want to listen to what was said and reflect.

I feel validated. I feel I’m doing something important. I feel reinvigorated in my project.

While going through all the mundane, but necessary, tasks that putting a podcast out into the world entails (things like marketing, emails, social media posts, etc. etc.) I get caught up in the “is it worth it” mindset. My mind thinks work is a time to worry.

Then I have an interview and I feel as if there is nothing else in the world that deserves my time more.

I’ve chatted with my husband about this, using words like “I know this sounds crazy” and “weird, I know” trying to figure out why this happens.

It’s the people.

During most days, my interactions are lacking passion. Where someone is excited to talk about whatever it is they are talking about.

But when I interview someone for my podcast? They are always enthused. They are excited, passionate and they want to connect.

We’re sharing a goal.

A drive.

And in doing so, it only motivates me more. Their enthusiasm sparks mine. Their passion makes me feel validated. Their excitement whispers that I’m doing something right.

You’ve heard it before but, the people you surround yourself with are effectively changing you.

I’ve basically done a 30 day experiment with my podcast proving this and the effects are instant and tangible.

So, go out and find your people. People who push you to be inspired. I know I’m going to continue seeking them out and I highly suggest you do the same.

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