The Plan

I’m nine days away from launching my podcast out into the world.


That’s a single digit. It feels like it shouldn’t be this close and yet, it isn’t soon enough.

Although I’ve had the idea floating around in my head for a little over a year, it has been almost exactly one month since I started actually doing anything with it. My first interview was one month ago.

I’ve learned more in 30 days about loving something that I have in my entire adult life. I’ve talked for hours about what it means to love your career. I’ve promoted and interviewed and toiled on this project for more hours than anything else I’ve touched in the last month.

And on Wednesday, November 1st, other people will get to hear what I’ve done and have an opinion.

I am terrified.

The Plan, as I see it, is in place. I will launch three interviews on November 1st. Then every Monday I will publish a new episode. I’m also working on exclusive interviews that only my Patrons can hear. These interviews will talk about specific skills, resources, or behind the scenes info with professionals who use them. These are set to launch once a month, beginning January.

Basically, I’ve been working my butt off in October, so I can deal with any hiccups in November. I’ve also been cooking up my future plans so everyone listening will have something to look forward to.

Nine days.

I should be saying something prolific but my mind is far away from this post and focused on November 1st.

So, let’s switch it up.

Leave me your best launch date advice in the comments!

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