I Know Nothing

In starting my podcast, Twenty-Eight & Searching, I’ve uttered these words endlessly along with: I don’t know how to do this and I guess I’ll figure it out as I go. There have been many hiccups that could only have been foreseen by someone who has already done something like this before as well as instances that were easier than I anticipated. Whenever I’ve found myself saying this I take a deep breath and remind myself that knowing nothing is not the same as doing nothing and the former is always better.


Still, I honestly thought I was just saying some crap that would push me into doing more the next day because I really want this podcast thing to work. I didn’t think I was giving myself expert advice or that I would ever spout that to someone else in a time of need so, imagine my surprise when I started interviewing people who loved their careers saying pretty much the exact same thing!

Even though the question wasn’t the same every time someone answered, it was pretty unanimous by the end… they all had to learn that they knew nothing.

It isn’t easy for everyone. Some people, like me, have a want to be right. But to be successful and happy, you have to learn to let that go. You have to want to learn because you think you know nothing. You have to let people teach you like you know nothing. You have to go into most things like you know nothing. It is humbling. Terrifying. Unsettling, sometimes.

But the votes are in, it is necessary.

Today, you need to go into something you’re doing with the mindset of it all being new. Let others help you, help yourself.

So far, it’s been working for me.


Originally post at Medium.com. You can find me there at: https://medium.com/@samantha_28

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